Monday, March 3, 2008

A Good Read

I spend a lot of time in the winter indoors. Wow, what a surprise! Not.

But I generally can find a few good books to entertain myself with over the dark winter months. Sometimes to the chagrin of my wife. You see, I can get really absorbed in a book, to the point that anytime I have a free moment, I've got my nose stuck in a book. Well, I haven't been THAT bad lately, but I have found some excellent books to read.

I've been reading almost everything I can get my hands on about farming, animals, gardening, preserving, etc. I've read quite a lot this winter. But recently, I got some books from the library by an author named Gene Logsdon. Mr. Logsdon lives in norther Ohio and has written over 20 books about farming, gardening, etc. He incorporates a lot of very useful information with some anecdotes that are usually quite a lot of fun to read. He's got some good ideas and seems to be well versed in his topics. If he doesn't feel he knows quite enough about something to make a solid statement about it, he tells you, then he tells you what other people say or do about the subject. I've read "Wildlife in the Garden" and am currently reading "All Flesh is Grass" about pasture farming. I've also got "Living at Nature's Pace" to read too.

If you're at all interested in gaining more knowledge about homesteading, farming, living a slower life, or how to do any of that, find one of his books and give it a read. I think you'll be glad you did.

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