Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Day After Election '08

May God, out of a heart of compassion for His children, have mercy on this nation.

'Nuff said.


Joel said...

Easy there, cowboy. God's not a Republican or a Democrat.

Danman said...

I know He isn't, my friend. But there's more to life in the next four years than just the economy. Our president-elect has some strong beliefs that conflict with my own. For example, his stand on abortion... not to mention his views about infants born alive during an attempted abortion. There are a few other things I won't go into here, for sake of brevety. But I feel very discouraged today. I know my feelings aren't shared by many people, and that's ok. I believe in the sovereignty of God and I accept that this is His will. God puts leaders on 'the throne' despite what man may think.

Joel said...

Actually, I think your feelings are shared by a lot of people.

The thing I like about Obama is that he seems to be interested in getting past the rabid partisanship (which Americans on both sides get caught up in) and finding consensus -- being the president (as so many pundits repeated last night) "of all Americans." Of course, it'll be interesting to see how he governs.

And I'm sorry if I came off a little curt. I think I'm a little hypersensitive after the last few weeks. I've seen plenty of irresponsible, inflammatory language from friends and acquaintances on both ends of the spectrum. So I saw your post through that lens.

Thanks for being willing to engage me on this point. Chin up -- if today was a down day, there are better days ahead.

Danman said...

Not a problem. You and I know each other well enough that I was sure you didn't mean any harm or foul. That's why this is America... people are allowed to disagree. I am feeling much better today, btw. Thanks! Love you, Joel.

Joel said...

Love you too, amigo. Glad to hear you're feeling better.