Monday, November 17, 2008

Knitting the throw

Sheesh. I read somewhere (from another male blogger I think) that every piece you knit should teach you something. Well aint that the truth!?!

I had to undo about five rows of knitting on my afghan because I had about 10 stitches in a row that were backward (of all things) and there was a hole about two rows below that where I'd evidently dropped a stitch. Fixed that, then discovered another hole two rows below where I was knitting. I was able to fix that without undoing anything. Yeah, I'm learning. It won't be too pretty when it's done, so I think we'll just keep this one.


Keetha said...

Well, is it still fun????

When mom was teaching me to sew, I had to rip so many seams I ended up HATING sewing and never touch a sewing machine anymore.

Keetha said...


Just thought of this - - - maybe your post title should have been "Throw the Knitting."

Just a thought - - -

Danman said...

Funny! Throw the knitting!

Yes, it's still fun, relaxing, enjoyable. So I'll keep at it for awhile, I think.