Thursday, May 21, 2009


Well, I don't know what happened, or what changed, but several of you said you could see pictures. I couldn't. Odd. But today - poof! I've got pictures on my blog... and on others' where there were only red x's. I've no idea what's changed or how it got fixed - which is a little unsettling - has my computer developed AI? But I'm happy it's fixed. So, I'll try to take some time today to post some pics and updates about what's going on around here.

I will say this. I roasted a 20.6# turkey for dinner yesterday. Got it on sale after the holidays and pulled it out of the freezer a few days ago. Of course, the five of us didn't even eat a whole breast! So I've picked the meat off and am freezing it 2 cups to a freezer bag. I ran out of bags but already I have 10 cups of meat and a lot more to divvy up. Then the carcass went into the stock pot and I made a big ol' bunch of broth - YUM! Turkey Tetrizini, Turkey Salad sandwiches, turkey soup, turkey pot-pie... I feel like I'm living in "A Christmas Story". Fortunately, I have no "Bupkiss dogs" to terrorize my kitchen. I truly thank God for this provision. It's food for my family!

More later. Promise.


Keetha said...

I LOVE turkey - - - love it the first time around, still love it as frozen/thawed left-overs.

Just plain LOVE it.

Snowbound Farms said...

I think buying turkey is so much more efficient than chicken.... makes a better broth too.