Wednesday, May 26, 2010

On the Home front

We've had 8 showings on our house now. I'm counting the open house this past weekend as one of em. Turn out was good, but our realtor says open houses rarely sell a house. What kills me is the 'joy lookers'. You know, the people that aren't serious about buying, they're just nosey. So we go to all the effort to clean and straighten and stage the house for someone to just come in and look around without any real hope of them buying.

I've realized that when we have a showing, my anxiety and stress level go up a lot. I get antsy, frustrated and really not nice. Then, once we leave the house, I crash and burn. I get really tired and need a nap. That's what emotional energy use will do for ya.

I'm trying like crazy to be patient and not get uptight. Not an easy thing for a man who's dreamt of moving to the country for the past two-plus years. But I've waited this long... what's another couple few months?

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