Sunday, January 2, 2011

Just an update

Wow, it's been a loooong time since I posted anything. But when there's not much to say, there's not much to post, right?

I didn't plant a garden this year because I thought, "Hey, we're moving... why plant something for someone else to either enjoy or neglect?" My bad. We're still here. Haven't moved. We've had a lot of showings in 8 1/2 months and had one serious offer. But it was such a low-ball offer it was insulting and we weren't able to work anything out. So we wait.

I've been doing homeschooling with the kids, knitting, reading.... just being me. I'm way over getting my hopes up about moving and have resigned myself to just knowing it will happen when it happens. I remember thinking last spring, "I'll go crazy if we're still here at Christmastime." Well, I didn't go nuts, exactly, but we are still here. Sigh.

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