Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I'm So Crafty

And by that, I don't mean sneaky or conniving. I mean "crafty", you know, I make things. For example, my wife saw a picture of a wreath in a flier recently and said she'd like to have something like that. Could I make it? Um, yeah. Quick trip to Hobby Lobby and voila!

Also, being that I shave my head, it sometimes gets a little chilly in the winter around the house. I have a nice fleece hat for outside, but it's just too hot for indoor wear. So I made one. Knitted it in just a few hours and had it done. It fits great and I like it quite a bit. As a matter of fact, I'm going to knit one for the older of my two sons in a camo green. Here's my hat:

I'm pretty doggone pleased with myself. The wife loved the wreath and I'm keeping warm!


rob said...

Ok, thats pretty cool. How would I learn to do that?! (with the hat I mean?)

Danman said...


Get you some needles and yarn, visit some websites and learn the basic stitches... find a pattern and ta-da! Really, it's not too hard.

rob said...

any old yarn will pretty much work huh? I am definitely trying this! Thanks.

Danman said...

Rob, No no no... not just any old yarn.

First, here's the pattern:

Use a worsted weight yarn with a guage of 18x24 stitches/rows for a 4" square (the guage is always listed on the skein). Use #7 needles. The guage will probably say to use #8 needles, but for this patter, use #7 to get the right guage of 20x26. I used "I Love This Yarn" brand from Hobby Lobby, 100% Acrylic, Color #510/Blue Camo Stripe. The patter includes a VW symbol that I didn't use. Use whatever color you like, but make sure you get the right guage. I posted all this here because I couldn't figure out how to email you from your webpage. Sorry, I'm slow.

Keetha said...

You are cracking me up!!!!

My son Kyle wears knitted caps all the time (no, he doesn't make them himself - - - gets them I know not where) and he has a head FULL of hair.

BTW - - - I think you will LOVE my new blog header picture.

Keetha said...

I thought of you while we worked at Gilead Ministries (see my latest blog post) because the little knit hats we loaded into the gift bags were JUST LIKE YOURS. If you ever get the urge to knit and knit hats which you don't need yourself, they could use lots of them at Gilead.