Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Not just another rainy day

Well, here I sit. It's been raining since last night and the water is standing in the yard and field like it usually does this time of year. I can't help feeling a little nervous as I think about the flood of last June. But we haven't had nearly that much rain, and the snow melt all drained away before this rain came. It's just pretty gross outside today.

Sunday night at the end of church, one of our Pastors told us that they had just learned that the son-in-law of our building manager and his wife was killed in action in Afghanistan. Our building manager, Carl, plays bass on our worship team and his wife Gayla plays keyboard sometimes. That I also sing on the worship team gives me a slightly closer connection to them than perhaps most of the other people there that night. But the news was still met with sadness.

I support our troops. I believe that they work and fight to protect the freedoms that I hold so dear. Freedoms that I fear may be endangered in coming days. I grieve his death and I feel sorrow for Carl and Gayla... not to mention their daughter who lost her husband and the father of their two children. But I do not believe his death was in vain. He surely knew the risks involved in military service. He served his country to protect our rights and safety. I honor him and all of his fallen military brothers.

Further, I got an email today telling another sad story. A lady named Denise has an at-home business that she calls "The Country Baker". She sells grain mills and baking supplies. Every year that my wife and I go to our state homeschool convention, she's there with a booth and often holds a seminar about baking with whole grains. Well, she and her husband decided to allow their 14 year old (or thereabout) son to attend public school this year. Sadly, he recently contracted spinal meningitis, apparently at school, and has passed away. His funeral was this past Saturday.


Lastly. I'm not an economist. But I do read the news (no, we don't have cable and I don't watch it). Many businesses, some that have been around a long time) are facing serious problems. I believe we'll see quite a few bankruptcies in the near future. Job loss will rise even more. Folks, regardless of what BHO says (and I think he's coming around to being truthful about how bad it is... just beginning to), I think we're only starting to feel the crunch of what's to come. I don't know if it'll be another great depression. But I think it'll get pretty close. I'm hoping it'll wait until I get get out of Dodge and make my way to the country. If not, I'll do what I can where I am.

Even if you have a 'black thumb', may I suggest you look into a small garden for your family? Even a few plants can be grown on a sunny porch or deck in 5 gallon buckets and can provide some produce. The more you grow yourself, the less money you spend at the store.

As a Christian, I think I have an obligation to those around me to show how to survive tough times. Diligence, thrift, industry, self-reliance (God-reliance)... these are the things that our neighbors are going to need to see in order to find some hope, and perhaps survival.

It's time to start thinking ahead and really considering how we'll survive this mess. Don't be caught unaware and unprepared. Learn how to prepare and preserve food. "But we don't really like vegetables". Hogwash. Learn to like 'em. That processed junk they sell at the store will only get more expensive, and surely won't help you live a healthy life. Sometimes we do things, not because we like to (like eating our veggies), but because we have to. We may not have to now. Operative word, "now".

I guess I'm just feeling a little grumpy and fed up. Support our troops and eat your veggies!


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The Midland Agrarian said...

Good advice about our obligation to help others learn to provide for their own needs

Step one seems to be waking people up. A lot of people are like shock victims at accidents.