Monday, June 14, 2010

No News is... well, no news.

Hi, I'm blogging on my wife's laptop, so no pics today. Sorry.

Our house is still for sale. Wanna buy it? Two weekends ago, we went up to my in-laws for a visit and met our realtor and looked at four different homes. Nope, not a one of 'em was 'right'.

Do you remember a couple of years ago when I blogged that I'd written a letter to the owner of a farmhouse and property, asking if it was for sale? It's here in my list somewhere.... check around October, 2008. Anyway, as we're looking at houses, I drive by this place again, as I've done numerous times. It's now for sale! Great, right?! No. I looked it up online. 89.3 acres for only (snark) 2.67 MILLION! That's 30K an acre. They're crazy. Land is expensive where we're looking, but not that high! I'm so disappointed. I feel like God pressed the 'smite' button on me or something. We looked in the windows... wow. Beautiful woodwork, but that's about all it's got going for it, besides good bones and seemingly newer electricity. Still, if it could be purchased cheaply, then the money could be spent on the house to make it livable. Sigh. I've been debating whether or not to write another letter to the man to see if he'd split the land or consider a deal or something. But I looked online yesterday on and it says it's no longer available. It hasn't been on the market much more than a few weeks, I'm sure. I'm thinking something has happened and they aren't going to sell it. Who knows. So, the hunt continues. Meanwhile, we've had one showing in the past three weeks.

In other news, I've been dying wool. Oh, just two skeins so far. I buy the wool yarn in cream at the store, then come home and have fun with Kool Aid! Yes, that magical drink from your childhood contains enough citric acid to work with the protein in the wool fibers to cause it to absorb and hold the food coloring in the drink! You start out with a pot of colored, fruity smelling water and when you're done, the water is clear! It's all been absorbed and bound to the yarn! Fun stuff. I'll try to post some pics of the process later on.

I also won four free tickets to and Indianapolis Indians game because I called in with the correct answer to a trivia question on a Saturday morning talk show from the University of Indianapolis. The host and guests were talking about a book of collected stories written by a woman from Baker's Corner, Indiana (she's now deceased) on the subject of growing up on a farm in the early 1900's. Yes, I might have to read this one. We happened to be in Sheridan at my in-law's at the time (5 miles down the road from Baker's Corner) and it was my FIL that suggested I might want to listen to the program. It was mildly interesting, but then the host asked the trivia question. He starts talking about a cabin in Sheridan's (Indiana) Veteran's Park that was the home of a man running from bounty hunters because, as an abolitionist, he'd helped several slaves escape. He wanted to know what this man's name was. I picked up the phone and called in. Of course, I don't know how many people were actually listening to the program, and of those, how many knew the answer.... probably me and one or two others (and that may be being generous). But I did, in fact know that it was George Boxley, the first settler of Adams Township, Hamilton County, Indiana. WHY do I know this bit of frivolous trivia? Because my Father-in-law was the president of the Sheridan Historical Society up until this year and was heavily involved in the restoration of the cabin! So now, I get to go to a Minor League baseball game for free! I don't really care for sports much, but a trip to an Indian's game is usually a lot of fun. The seats are closer to the field, play is faster than the Major's, there's always some kind of giveaway or sideline activity going on... it's just a good time.

Not having a garden this year is kind of a bummer. Not knowing when we'd be moving, I didn't plant anything. I'm either going to have to go to the local Amish Auction or a farmer's market and get some things to can, etc. We're running low. It's kinda sad really.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading!


Keetha Denise Broyles said...

Fun post.

I remember your "dream" farm - - - maybe one day - - -

I really wish your blog would show up in my follow list because since it doesn't, I forget to check over here very often.

Amanda said...

would like to ha ve you post a link to your house. friends near there... thanks!

Danman said...

Glad to oblige Amanda....

Our realtor's name is Jane Rowe, she has her own website and I believe there are more pics of the house on it.