Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Househunting angst

Well, this weekend we went to my in-laws and spent some time driving around looking at houses.  No, we didn't go inside. We just drove by them.  We had three in particular that we wanted to see, in order to tell if we wanted to see more.  Ummm, no.  For various reasons, all three failed the test.  We have seen no homes yet.

Last summer we looked at several (when we thought selling our house would be easier) that would have been great.  But this year it appears that there are just really not any out there for us... yet.

Of course, if it weren't for me and my crazy nonsense desired to have some land to homestead on, we'd have our pick of dozens of houses... seriously! Even ones that aren't in neighborhoods.  But I'm not willing to give up my dream of a homestead just yet.  So I'll just have to hang in there.

Our inspection went.  It just went.  There were a few things they want us to fix and we're going to get estimates before we agree to anything, but chances are good we'll end up doing it all.  I was really put out with all they wanted, especially since most of it is in the detached garage and not the house at all.  Wife takes a different spin and says, "If it'll sell the house then it's ok, right?!"  Yeah.  I guess.  I must be turning into a tightwad in my 'old age'.  I've found myself grumbling about bills here recently.

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