Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Updates and such

Someone posted recently wanting to know how the pickled limes were that I wrote about some two years ago.  I'm too lazy right now to find that post and link to it, but it's there somewhere down amongst all the other blog posts.  Feel free to dig through the box for it, you'll find it.

Anyway, pickled limes:  The were salty.  My kids seemed to like them a lot though, which I guess is all that matters.  But after several months taking up room in the fridge, I got rid of what was left.  I suppose they just didn't like them enough.

We have a closing date on our house!  We'll be signing papers and collecting money on the 28th at 10:00 a.m.  Furthermore, we made an offer on a house yesterday.  Details:

The house is bigger than the one we're in, though there are still only three bedrooms.  Our boys will just have to learn to get along and share.  What a pain, huh?! (snark). It's a brick ranch built in the 1978 on 1.4 acres.  The flow of the house is good and it has a lot of potential to be really great (once the old folks living there get all collection of junk out).  It has three small sheds, two of which can be used for chickens or perhaps even goats.  I can't have a cow there, not enough room, but I could put some goats or sheep on it, for sure.  Might even get the kids in 4-H.  Garden space abounds and the kitchen is large. 

Our offer was pretty low, so we're expecting a counter-offer.  However, the other realtor is kinda ancient and doesn't even really use e-mail much, so I'm not sure how 'swift' he'll be about helping his clients get the best deal they can get.  I could be wrong.  We'll have to see.  Our realtor is someone that I really think God led us to.  He's a homeschooler, homesteader, Christian.  He's a PK, like me, and we surprising have a lot in common.  He's a nice guy and I think we could be friends after this.  Matter of fact, after he and I went and looked at a house, he asked me to go with him to get something to eat.  That was fun.

Meanwhile, I've been packing and packing and packing.  Our church's VBS started last night, which I'm helping with.  AND I've broken the 3 mile barrier in my running!  Twice now I've topped 3 miles.  I'm pretty excited.  Wife bought me four new pair of shorts, size 36 - down from size 40 this time last year!  Yeah, that feels good.  My blood pressure was 113/67 this morning, too. 

And now, just so this blog has some visuals to it, I offer the following:  er... nope.  Never mind.  Can't get the pic to post.  Sorry.

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