Thursday, May 19, 2011

And so it happens

It's amazing.  Just about the time I begin to truly despair of selling our house.  We had a showing last Friday morning.  They came back that afternoon and we had an offer on Saturday.  We countered on Sunday and (due to some insurance issues) we're finally getting a response today to our counter.  They have accepted it and we are signing the paperwork TO SELL OUR HOUSE!!!  I can't believe it.  I'm not holding my breath... I haven't seen the paperwork yet and all, but still.  I can almost feel the huge sigh of relief welling up inside me.

I know that the next few weeks will be crazy.  We won't really start packing until inspections and appraisal are done, but then we have to find a place too (for which I've been praying the past four and a half years).  On top of that, we have two more weeks of school to do and get out of the way.  Heaven help me (and I'm burning out already anyway - NEED. TO. BE. DONE.)

So that's the excitement.  If this is premature and it backfires on me... I don't know what I'll do.  My wife may have to pick me up out of the corner where I'll be blubbering like an idiot.


A. Monk said...

Hey Dan, it's been too long since I last said "howdy." Having moved in the last 2 years with this housing market I feel your pain. Are you on Facebook by any chance?

Danman said...

Hey A. Nope, not on FB. I have an 'aversion' to being found by half the world. Dunno, guess I have several other outlets for connecting with people so I don't mess with FB. Our inspection is scheduled for this Wednesday at noon.
I'm hopeful that our realtor can help us find a house. We've been looking online a lot and NOTHING is really exciting us. I've only been praying for the place for four years though, so there's gotta be something.