Saturday, February 2, 2008

Winter Blah's

Wow. Today the sun is shining and the temp is right around 36 degrees or so. The three inches of snow we got the other day is beginning to melt and it actually feels kinda nice outside (compared to the sub-freezing temps we've been putting up with for the past month).

I'd love to go outside and take a walk or stomp around the yard, but I don't dare leave the kids inside alone... no telling what they'd do.

I've got the winter blah's pretty bad. You know what they are. Sick of cold, sick of snow, sick of gray sheet skies. Thankfully the sun does shine once in a while. What makes it worse is that I've been getting garden catalogs in the mail. Seeds and plants are staring at me in all their summertime beauty, which only makes me want it to warm up all the more. But alas, it's only the 2nd of February. I fear many more gray skies will pass overhead before Spring teases me with green grass and daffodils.

However, I'm going to do something to encourage myself. I bought some seed started the other day and a packet of rosemary seeds. I've also got some grapefruit seeds saved to try sprouting. So I'm going to plant those and hope for some seedlings soon. That might help the situation a little... to see something alive and growing.

Hope you're having a decent winter where you are.

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