Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Garden

It's January. Just today we've had a break in the temps. and it's supposedly 42 degrees outside. Heat wave compared to the 20 degree weather we've had for the past week or two. My furnace has been running like crazy.

I've been doing more reading lately about gardening. I had a pretty good idea before about what cool weather crops are, but now I know for sure. And I think I could grow them.

Here in town, I have only a small garden plot (and I mean small). I live on a half an acre, but half of that is in front of the house, and the other half is pretty much fenced in for the kids and dog. Not too conducive to having a big garden. Oh, sure, I suppose I could dig up a mess and really plant a bunch. But my soil here is pretty sad and it'd be a loooot of work making it worth growing anything in. My small plot allows me to plant some stuff, tend it, and work good stuff into the soil.

So I've been planning. This year, no radishes. I like to grow them because they're easy and look nice, but I always plant more than we eat and end up wasting a bunch. I'm gonna stick to just a few things. Onions. Try to grow 'em big. Tomatoes. Maybe only four plants this year, since the six I had last year produced so much I was sick of looking at the things. Beans - green - bush. And sweet corn. A few rows and hope and pray I learn better when to pick them. I have two rhubarb plants and a small grape vine that actually produced enough grapes last year to make some jelly. Small garden, but still a lot of work with weeding, hoeing, watering, etc. Now all I have to do is keep myself from buying all the seed packets I see (which is always a temptation).

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