Thursday, January 24, 2008


I'm discouraged today. Last night I met with my best friend for our usual weekly "coffee" at the local Applebee's restaurant. As we talked, I shared with him my ideas for homesteading and what I wanted to do. I told him that I'm already making our bread instead of buying it (saving about $3 a week), and that I intend to put up a clothesline in the back yard and be more vigilant about my garden.

Now, the first time I mentioned this to him, a couple of weeks ago, he smiled at me and said something about 'idealism'. He knows me well. Last night, however, he sat with a look on his face that said, "OK, I'll humor you," with just a dab of "you're crazy" condescension thrown in. You know, people don't have to agree with a choice of a way of life, but I sort of expected a little more encouragement from him. Now, I understand he doesn't 'get it'. The whole 'self-sufficiency' thing. But he does understand my love of nature and the outdoors, gardening and watching things grow. That said, it shouldn't be too hard for him to see me make the switch. After all, we're living on one income and one vehicle and have for nearly three years. BUT to be fair, (and to make a contrast) he said his wife was trying to think of every way possible to quit work and stay home with their son. They have a lower mortgage than we do, only one child (I have three), both have good paying jobs (he makes about as much as my wife does, and the prospect of a raise in the very near future), and have two vehicles. Plus he has a nail bending business on the side (yeah, he bends horseshoe nails and sells 'em to people to make those "Disciples Cross" necklaces - and I'm crazy?) More money, more debt? Dunno. But we're kinda living on opposite ends of the spectrum here. SO.....

I know I'm not crazy and there are a lot of people out there that would applaud any effort I'd make toward self-sufficiency and homesteading, offering their advice, encouragement, and support as needed. But I think it's probably understandable why I'd be discouraged today, after my experience last night. Just needed to vent.

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Walking Plow said...

My wife and I are odd balls at church, we are the only ones that grow a garden or raise chickens and rabbits for meat. we are the only people around here that likes/wants to grow and raise our own food.
Family, friends, church folks. None will do more than grow a flower or two. It’s sad really… because they are sucked into the world system like slaves.
I remember when I excepted Jesus as my lord and savior. At first my friends thought it was cool. Then as I changed they did not. In time the lord put new people in my life, to help my walk with him.

Hang in there my friend

Walking plow