Saturday, January 24, 2009

I played Tooth Fairy

Well finally! Yesterday afternoon, after a good 15 minutes in the bathroom staring in the mirror and fiddling, his brother and sister looking on, Eric lost his first tooth. The adult tooth has been coming in for several months now behind the baby tooth. Eric, like his sister, is afraid of pain and hasn't been too diligent about working it out. Anna can take forever to lose a tooth. Eric seems to be on the same path.

Anyway, there was the tooth, ever so small for feeling so big in your mouth. Some blood (no crying or screaming).

So last night, the tooth tucked into a plastic bag and slipped under a pillow, Eric went to sleep eager for morning and the surprise he knew he'd find.

Sometime around midnight, just before I went to bed, I slipped in, took the bag out and replaced the tooth with four quarters. Some would say a dollar for a tooth is quite generous. These comments usually come from older folks who were lucky to get a dime or a quarter. Others would call me a cheapskate. These are the people who's grandparents made sure their college educations were funded by the tooth fairy. My kids... they get a buck.

Well, besides a bit of whining from Grant wishing he had a loose tooth, all has been joyous this morning. That was this morning. Now's another story, but this morning... joy over money for a tooth.

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